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Source of The Profits

On our website, you can find dozens of reviews without needing to pay a dime. You won’t even have to register on the site for access! All of the posts are free and none require additional subscriptions or payments.

We partner with the brands we review and receive compensation in exchange for registrations made through our links. This is what sustains us. It’s unavoidable that our ratings and placement of services are impacted by this relationship, but rest assured that all reviews remain honest regardless!Even though the platforms we review reward us for our work, it doesn’t mean that they will receive a higher rating from us. We make sure to remain impartial in all of our reviews, regardless of any payments or benefits we may have received. However, it’s only right to acknowledge that those websites usually tend to be favored by the members of our dating team.Our reviews, ratings, and summaries are based on comprehensive research of each product or service listed on our site. That means that no matter what problems a specific item may have; you’ll find out about them in our unbiased evaluation.

The Process of Ranking Dating Websites

Our team of professional industry experts in the realm of online dating are devoted to using their experience and knowledge to review websites and construct comprehensive, intriguing guides about digital communication. Our writers personally analyze each website before delivering an unbiased opinion separate from our marketing staff.

Our team of writers can conveniently and quickly make comparisons between different dating websites, as there are numerous similarities in terms of their structures and services. Reviews usually reflect this; they tend to be quite comparable when discussing the same site. As such, there are many elements that should go into a review if it is to provide an accurate representation.

Crafting reviews is just a single portion of our team’s job. Before composing an article, one of our writers has to inspect the website and spend at least two days comprehending its products, searching for any flaws, and ascertaining if it is simple to use or not. Additionally, we factor in the overall cost of services along with individual costs; assess whether the design on their webpage is attractive; evaluate customer support agents’ effectiveness as well as efficiency & diversity when it comes to features & tools while authoring these reviews.Our team of editors diligently comb through our articles, ensuring that all information is accurate and up-to-date. Though our writers are highly seasoned experts, even they can miss out on some details from time to time; this is especially true when a dating site implements new features or updates their system unexpectedly. We aim to keep our readers informed by promptly updating any relevant material in the guide as soon as it arises! Here at our company, we strive to provide you with up-to-date and accurate content.

How We Rate Dating Sites

Our reviews assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of dating sites, based on metrics such as popularity, user engagement, reputation, design aesthetics and general user experience. By assigning a score in several key categories we can quickly determine which platforms offer the best potential for lovebirds looking to find their soulmate! Establishing the level of popularity for a dating website is easily accomplished by assessing the number of active users. If a site has several thousand members online, then it’s likely popular; however, we can also employ third-party sites like Trustpilot to acquire more exact figures. This helps our writers make informed decisions on their analyses. Not only is usability and functionality of utmost importance, but design elements are also essential when reviewing a website. Our writers have extensive experience in critiquing dozens of sites, meaning they understand exactly what needs to be done for optimal accessibility. Although design can vary based on personal preference, our team has the expertise to recognize what makes a site aesthetically pleasing while still remaining both user-friendly and stylish. Through engagement, we can evaluate the level of active users on this site. Such insight is conveniently available through analytic platforms such as Similarweb and provides us with a clearer perspective into whether our website has an adequate amount of activity or not; even though the data may be intricate at times.

What are the requirements to become a Featured lady?

Our team’s objective is to assist people globally in quickly finding their ideal partners without wasting time searching for a suitable dating website and then a suitable match. We sift through numerous profiles on different dating sites to select the best women on highly-rated platforms.

Could you please clarify what “the best” means? Are we selecting profiles based on attractiveness, intelligence, sociability, open-mindedness, education level, and family values? How can we determine if a lady possesses kindness and thoughtfulness? We utilize the information provided by singles in their profile.

How to apply for being featured?

*Only for ladies

  • We provide assistance to members who have registered within the last 3 months.
  • We only work with members of dating sites that we trust.
  • Please ensure your profile includes complete information about yourself such as age, height, weight, marital status, location, habits, preferences, and hobbies.
  • To complete your profile, it is necessary to upload high-quality pictures. Videos are also welcomed.
  • Could you please provide more detailed information about yourself and the qualities that you are looking for in a potential match when filling out the self-description form? Thank you.

Main reasons for rejection

  • No photos available – Most men want to know what their lady looks like..
  • No self-description – When it comes to a future spouse, it’s important to focus on their personality traits rather than just their looks, so please avoid providing only superficial information.
  • No motivation to marry a foreigner – If a woman isn’t willing to make any changes in her life, she may not have the motivation to meet a nice guy.

We analyze the following criteria

  • Motivated to Marry. The most important factor for our site is being motivated to marry the right man. We cater to those who are seeking a meaningful relationship, rather than casual dating. Even if a woman is beautiful and educated, if she is looking for a fling, she will not be considered a Featured member. While some may argue that looks don’t matter, we believe that physical attraction is still a factor in finding the right partner.It seems that we have different opinions. We believe that a woman’s appearance does not have to fit a specific model standard since every woman has her own unique beauty. However, we do consider a woman’s confidence, friendliness, and how well she presents herself as important criteria. If a woman knows she is beautiful and accentuates her natural beauty, she would make a great candidate in our eyes.
  • Activity. Finding a motivated and friendly single lady on dating sites can be difficult for men. We would like to provide information about those who are actively seeking communication and a meaningful connection with the right man.
  • Willingness to change. When signing up for dating sites, it’s common for single individuals from different countries to connect. This often means that one person will need to relocate to another country if the relationship progresses. Typically, if a woman is interested in marrying a foreigner, she will be willing to move to her fiancé’s country. We confirm a woman’s motivation to marry someone from another country before sharing her information.
  • Profile quality. We do not select mysterious ladies as our Featured lady, although they may be beautiful and alluring. Our aim is to provide our readers with a chance to see a woman’s complete information, from her habits to education, by clicking on her profile.
  • Photos. We value the excellent photos and videos that female users have uploaded.
  • Profile verification. Our website only considers profiles that have been verified by moderators. Other websites may use different terms such as ‘Verified’ or ‘Validated’ for these profiles.

How the Selection Process works?

To become a Featured member, please email us at [email protected] with a letter. You can only apply once every three months. Our assessors will review profiles between the 15th and 25th of each month and select the best ones. If they need any additional information, they may contact you.

Every month, our team selects the top 60 to 120 profiles from thousands of profiles viewed on top websites. They also consider applications from women who want to become more popular and increase their chances of finding a husband. Please note that not all profiles are approved. Rest assured that we do not share your personal contact details with any third parties, whether you become a Featured member or not. We will inform you if our assessors choose you as a new Featured member and your profile fulfills all requirements. Your information will be displayed on our platform from the 1st to the 7th day of the upcoming month. Kindly note that we do not provide explanations for declined applications.


It is possible for profiles to be deleted, as we do not check them daily. This means that you may encounter situations where you are unable to find a particular featured lady.

Our belief is in love, romance, and building a strong family. We are confident that finding a soul mate is not as challenging as it may seem. Today, we offer single men and women the chance to meet each other rather than relying on years of searching.