Asian Brides: Statistics, Cost & Legality in 2023

There is a wise saying – “the end of something is the beginning of another stage.” You have seen this personally by ending a long and difficult relationship. Of course, at first, everything was fine, and the days were filled with romance and positive emotions. But over time, you realized that your girlfriend has a different mindset and does not think about family or children. Her priorities were different from yours, and the decision to break up was made.

Asian brides

This led to depression and lack of mood, but you chose not to crush your dreams. The desire to meet a charming and gorgeous lady who has a lot in common with you remains the same. Therefore, friends offered you a trip to amazing Asia. Here you touched an interesting culture and led a great trip. But the most interesting discovery for you was the acquaintance with local Asian brides impressing with their beauty and excellent character.

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It seems like a great choice for building harmonious relationships and marriage, but travel is too short to find a bride and marry her. However, thanks to modern technology, the path to happiness is becoming easier. The main thing is to choose a quality and reliable dating service where wonderful Asian women looking for love.

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Reason For Choosing Perfect Asian Brides

Asia is the largest and most populated part of the world. It is home to over 3 billion people, with China and India being the countries with the largest populations. It is surprising that modern technology here side by side with medieval customs and habits. For example, you can find an Asian bride for sale – some countries have such traditions. But this is not the best option because harmonious relationships are built on love and trust. Moreover, these girls become wonderful wives because Asian brides have a large number of important characteristics.

Lovely Character

You’ve already heard about the excellent character, patience, and tenderness of Asian mail order wives, haven’t you? Indeed, these brides are brought up from childhood with respect for traditional family values. They understand that real happiness is a strong family, cheerful children, and a happy husband. They know how to show tenderness and care for their partner. Moreover, patriarchy is very popular in this region, so your Asian bride will respect her husband’s decisions and will not argue with him. She will provide support in difficult times so that even the most difficult tests will seem easier.

Exotic Appearance

Imagine a charming foreign girl next to you. Now imagine that you can enjoy its beauty every day for many years. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The advantage of Asian mail order brides is that time has no power over the beauty of these beautiful ladies. Asian brides retain their slender physique, lovely features, and delicate skin for a very long time. Even at 45, an Asian lady can look like a 20-year-old girl. As a rule, charming women from Asia are short, have dark hair and brown eyes. However, thanks to modern technology, you can find an Asian bride with blond hair and blue eyes. High-quality matrimonial service will make the selection of a partner as efficient as possible.

Education and Mind

It is important not only to admire your Asian mail order bride but also to have a good time with her. Most of the charming women are college-educated and highly intelligent. Therefore, an Asian bride will be an excellent companion at any meeting, able to keep up a conversation on any topic. But the main thing is that it will be interesting for you to communicate with her even after many years of family life. Sounds like a perfect marriage.

Respect for Desires

Perfect relationships are built on rapport, and charming brides know this. Therefore, Asian women for marriage is ideal. Next to you will now be a person who is trying to understand your inner world, share interests and life values. Moreover, Asian ladies do not like quarrels or scandals, and they also know how to respect the need for personal space. Feel what real synergy and understanding is.

Money Does Not Matter

Even though many countries are not rich here, you will not be able to buy a bride in Asia. Because Asian girls are romantic, they dream of falling in love and getting married. They believe in tenderness and harmonious marriage, so they are looking for a partner, not a sponsor. Moreover, Asian women are very hardworking and do not want to stay at home. Their goal is to become a soul mate and also replenish the family budget. You get not only an Asian bride but also a real soul mate that will help you reach new heights of career and personal growth.

Loyalty and Passion

The beauty and charm of beautiful girls attract the attention of many men. But this will not become a reason for jealousy if you started dating Asian women. Because these brides know how important it is to build family happiness. Asian brides know how to remain faithful for a long time and give love only to their husband. Moreover, as night falls, your Asian bride will turn into a hot ocean of tenderness. Get ready to find out what real passion is and make every fantasy come true. Now they will become a reality.

Family Comfort

Another reason to choose Asian brides for marriage. Imagine a real and comfortable home with a cozy atmosphere. It is nice to wake up here because everything is clean and calm. Moreover, every evening you try to be at home as soon as possible because the beautiful Asian wife is ready to hug you and feed you delicious dishes of exotic cuisine. But the main thing is the desire of girls to become an excellent mother. Asian mail order brides know how to raise children, and together you can raise full-fledged personalities with a harmonious inner world. This is not surprising because Asian brides see an example of an ideal relationship between two loving people.

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Pros and Cons of Online Dating with an Asian bride

Pros  Cons 
Diverse Options: Access to a wide pool of Asian singles, increasing the chances of finding a compatible partner. Cultural Differences: Bridging cultural gaps can be challenging, potentially leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.
Convenience: You can connect with potential partners from the comfort of your home, saving time and effort. Scams and Fraud: Online dating can attract scammers and fraudulent profiles, so caution is required.
Communication: Online platforms offer various communication tools, making it easier to get to know each other before meeting. Distance: Physical distance can be a significant obstacle in establishing a meaningful relationship.
Shared Interests: You can filter and connect with individuals who share your interests and values. Language Barriers: Language differences can hinder effective communication, requiring extra effort to overcome.
Privacy Control: You have control over what information you share and when, maintaining your privacy. Catfishing: Some individuals may misrepresent themselves online, leading to disappointment and trust issues.
Matching Algorithms: Some dating websites use algorithms to match you with compatible partners based on your preferences. Commitment Concerns: Not all individuals on dating sites are looking for a serious, long-term commitment.
Learning Opportunities: Interacting with an Asian bride can offer valuable insights into a different culture and perspective. Family Expectations: Asian cultures often place significant importance on family, which can create pressure on the relationship.
Increased Dating Pool: Online dating can expand your dating pool beyond your local area. Time-Consuming: Finding the right partner can be time-consuming, requiring patience and effort.
Compatibility Matching: Some platforms offer compatibility tests and questionnaires to help you find a more suitable match. Emotional Investment: Building a connection online can be emotionally taxing, and there’s a risk of disappointment.
Flexibility: You can take your time to get to know someone before deciding to meet in person or take the relationship to the next level. Meeting Expectations: Expectations built online may not always align with reality when meeting in person.

Why Asian Brides are Unique?

Modern American women are very different from Asian brides. Because Asian women are focused on their careers and their interests. And the girls from Asian countries are completely different. They respect traditional family values ​​and understand that true happiness can only be built with an understanding and loving partner. Be sure that your Asian mail order wife will try to understand your inner world, interests, and values, as well as share them. At the same time, she is also ready to replenish the family budget. And most importantly, it is a passionate and loving partner. You’ve heard of the art of geisha, haven’t you? Charming Asian women turn into a real ocean of passion at nightfall. Thanks to them, you will open up new horizons of pleasure and understand what an ideal marriage should be.

How Much Does Asian Mail Order Bride Cost?

Pursuing a romantic relationship with someone from a different culture can be an enriching and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to recognize that such relationships can come with various costs, financial and otherwise. In this article, we will explore the potential costs of pursuing a relationship with Asian women, backed by data, tables, and statistics.

Travel Expenses

One of the most significant costs associated with pursuing an international relationship is travel expenses. These expenses include airfare, accommodation, meals, and transportation. Below is a table illustrating the average costs of round-trip flights from the United States to major Asian cities:

Destination Average Round-Trip Flight Cost (USD)
Tokyo, Japan $1,200 – $1,800
Seoul, South Korea $1,100 – $1,600
Bangkok, Thailand $900 – $1,300
Shanghai, China $1,000 – $1,400
Mumbai, India $1,200 – $1,800

These costs can significantly impact your budget when pursuing a relationship with an Asian woman, especially if frequent visits are necessary.

Visa and Immigration Fees

If your relationship progresses to a point where you want to bring your partner to your home country or vice versa, you will incur visa and immigration fees. These fees vary by country and visa type. Below is a table showing some common visa fees in the United States:

Visa Type Application Fee (USD)
Fiancé Visa (K-1) $535
Spouse Visa (CR-1) $535
Tourist Visa (B-2) $160
Student Visa (F-1) $160
Employment Visa (H-1B) $190 – $560

Language and Cultural Training: Effective communication is crucial in any relationship. If there is a language barrier, you may need to invest in language lessons. Cultural training can also be helpful in understanding and respecting your partner’s background. The cost of language lessons varies, but here is an estimate:

Service Average Cost (USD)
Language Lessons $20 – $50 per hour
Cultural Training Varies

Long-Distance Communication

Maintaining a long-distance relationship often requires frequent communication through phone calls, video chats, and messaging apps. These expenses can add up over time. Below is a table illustrating average monthly communication costs:

Communication Method Average Monthly Cost (USD)
Phone Calls $30 – $100+
Video Calls $10 – $50+
Messaging Apps Varies


Gifts and surprise visits can be essential for maintaining a strong emotional connection. While the frequency and cost of gifts vary, it’s essential to budget for these expenses. Here’s a rough estimate:

Expense Type Average Cost (USD)
Gifts and Surprises $100 – $1000
Surprise Visits Varies

Pursuing a relationship with an Asian woman can be a wonderful experience, but it’s crucial to consider the costs involved. These costs can range from travel expenses to visa fees, language lessons, and communication expenses. Understanding and planning for these costs is essential to ensure a healthy and sustainable relationship. Remember that the actual expenses can vary widely based on individual circumstances and choices.

Calculate the Total Cost of Asian Mail Order Wife

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Best Way to Find Asian Bride

There are different ways to meet adorable Asian brides. For example, you can travel to exotic Asian countries. This is an interesting step that will bring you a huge amount of emotion. After all, Asia is perhaps the most unique region on the planet. There are a huge variety of countries here, and in each, you can chat with charming Asian girls. Visit unique Japan, admire its future technologies, and experience the original culture. Also, not far away is China with a thousand-year-old culture, magical Vietnam, or colorful Thailand. And everywhere you can live in a hotel, enjoy excellent local cuisine, and mingle with delicious Asian women. But this approach has several peculiarities. Because traveling to the region requires time and money.

In case you are looking for an Asian bride and want to make this journey as fast and comfortable as possible, online dating is the best option. This approach saves you a lot of time. You do not need to travel to another country for several days, weeks, or months. Moreover, communication with Asian women can be ineffective. You may find out that local ladies are not planning to start a serious relationship, marry, or start a family. And dating sites have already registered hundreds and thousands of charming Asian ladies who are looking for a partner. It is convenient and effective.

Also, you save money. A hotel room, ticket, visa, and living in another country are costly. And you can spend quite a long time here. Yes, the local flavor can give you a lot of positive emotions. But many men have jobs that don’t allow for such long journeys. Of course, online dating with Asian brides is often a paid option too. But it is much cheaper than living in another country. Moreover, modern matrimonial services allow you to send gifts and flowers to the Asian girls you like, which makes communication as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

And of course, thanks to Asian dating sites, you get positive emotions, not negative ones. Agree, sometimes real offline relationships can be unpleasant or annoying. You need to always devote time to your soul mate, give gifts, remember all significant dates, etc. In case you chat with Asian mail order brides on dating sites, this problem disappears. Because you can relax mentally by chatting with other Asian girls on the site. And there will be no jealousy or cause for a quarrel. Your online relationship is only getting stronger because there are no scandals or misunderstandings.

Success Stories From Asian Dating Sites

Success Story #1 Image
Levi and Kalani LoverWhirl logo
Levi and Kalani's love story is a testament to the power of Asian dating sites in bringing hearts together. Their connection ignited over shared interests in Asian culture and cuisine, fostering a deep emotional bond online. Despite living in different countries, they nurtured their love through virtual adventures and daily messages. When they finally met face-to-face, the chemistry was undeniable. Today, Levi and Kalani are a thriving couple, their story illustrating how online connections can transcend borders, uniting two souls in a passionate and culturally rich love affair.
Success Story #2 Image
Wyatt and Naomi AsianMelodies logo
Wyatt and Naomi's love story is a testament to the magic of Asian dating sites. They first connected over their shared interests in Asian cuisine and travel. Despite the geographical distance between them, they nurtured their bond through heartfelt messages and virtual adventures. When they finally met in person, the sparks flew, confirming their deep connection. Today, Wyatt and Naomi are a happy couple, their story showcasing the incredible potential of online dating to bring together kindred spirits from across the globe, fostering a love that transcends boundaries and cultures.

Features of Quality Asian Matrimonial Service

So, we found out that dating sites are the best way to get to know Asian brides. The first step on the road to happiness is choosing a quality company that offers the largest list of merits. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct a thorough analysis and pay attention to the important features of the service.

  • Popularity. The more Asian women are registered on the site, the higher the chance to meet the perfect partner. Segment leaders have millions of audiences, and we recommend collaborating with such sites. But also find out if new users go through the verification procedure. This will make you feel confident that you are communicating with real Asian brides.
  • Licenses. Of course, high-quality Asian dating sites must have all the necessary licenses and documents to work in your country. Also, we recommend talking with the support staff – this will help to assess the degree of professionalism and the level of care and clients.
  • Safety. A quality matrimonial service helps you find an Asian mail order wife, and not become a victim of a scammer. Find out what technologies the company uses to ensure security and privacy. The best option is SSL 3.0, which has a dynamic 256-bit code. In this case, all your personal information and history of correspondence with Asian brides will remain confidential.
  • Design and functionality. Professional dating sites make sure that the entry threshold is minimal. High-quality functionality allows you to quickly register and find the desired section. And an excellent combination of shades will keep your eyes from getting tired even after several hours of communication with Asian brides.
  • Search. An important factor when choosing a service. A high-quality algorithm considers dozens of criteria for Asian girls (not only appearance parameters, but also character traits, city of residence, and other features). The more search filters a company offers, the better.
  • Functionality. Modern technologies make communication with Asian brides as comfortable as possible. Find out what options the selected matrimonial service offers. There should be online chat, e-mail, video communication, as well as the ability to send gifts to Asian mail order brides.
  • Mobile app. Another important factor. This allows you to communicate with Asian women at any convenient place. A quality program must be compatible with iOS and Android devices and guarantee a stable connection.
  • Service cost. Most Asian dating sites only allow you to chat with charming women after you have made a deposit. Find out the prices of the service, as well as the number of payment systems with which it interacts. Choose the most profitable and reliable option.
  • Extra features. Find out what unique features the company offers. This can be a welcome gift, a discount system, a subscription to other dating sites, or the help of a professional translator (in this case, communication with Asian brides becomes as comfortable as possible).

Why Asian Women Are Looking for Husbands on the Internet

There are many possibilities in today’s world. And women from Asian countries use them to the maximum to get results. There are several reasons why Asian women choose online dating. Local men sometimes do not show proper respect for Asian girls. The reason is that women’s rights are not equivalent in some Asian countries. And local girls dream of finding an equal partner who respects them, understands their interests and helps them grow. You can become a real knight in shining armor for adorable Asian ladies, who will give her happiness.

The second reason why Asian mail order brides are looking for a groom on dating sites is the low standard of living in many countries in the region. We’re not talking about Japan, Korea, or Singapore. Typically, local men from Bangladesh, India, Laos, and other Asian countries do not earn much. Of course, money cannot buy love, so don’t try to buy an Asian bride. But financial independence gives you freedom, and it will be easier for you to build harmonious relationships. And if you find wonderful Asian brides, then everything becomes much easier.

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Types of Asian Mail Order Brides Scam

  1. Online Dating Scams: Perpetrators create fake online dating profiles, often posing as Asian women seeking foreign partners. They establish emotional connections with their targets and request money for various reasons, such as visa fees, medical emergencies, or travel expenses. Once the money is sent, the scammer disappears.
  2. Marriage Agency Scams: Some marriage agencies in Asian countries may not have the best intentions. They may charge exorbitant fees for matchmaking services and provide false information about potential partners. Victims may end up paying a significant amount of money without achieving the desired outcome.
  3. Visa and Immigration Scams: Scammers may marry a foreign national solely for the purpose of obtaining a visa or immigration benefits. Once they achieve their goal, they may abandon the relationship or divorce their spouse.
  4. Fake Documentation: In some cases, individuals may provide forged documents, such as fake passports or birth certificates, to deceive their foreign partners or immigration authorities.
  5. Blackmail and Extortion: After establishing a relationship with their victims, scammers may engage in intimate conversations or exchange explicit content. They later use this information to blackmail their victims into sending money or providing other favors.
  6. Human Trafficking: In extreme cases, criminals may engage in human trafficking under the guise of arranging marriages. Vulnerable individuals may be coerced into forced marriages and subjected to various forms of exploitation.
  7. Phishing and Identity Theft: Scammers may trick their victims into revealing personal information, such as financial details or Social Security numbers, which can be used for identity theft or financial fraud.
Lily photo
Lily photo
Location Seoul
Age 27
Occupation Cosmetologist
English level Upper Intermediate
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Abigail photo
Location Beijing
Age 25
Occupation Dancer
English level Intermediate

How to Avoid?

Avoiding Asian mail order bride scams, or any type of scam involving online dating and marriage services, is essential to protect yourself from financial and emotional harm. Here are some steps to help you avoid such scams:

  • Research the Website or Agency

Look for reviews and testimonials about the website or agency online. Check if there have been any reports of scams or fraudulent activities associated with them.

  • Choose Reputable Websites or Agencies

Use well-established and reputable dating or marriage websites that have a proven track record of successful matches.

Be cautious of websites that advertise unrealistic promises, such as “guaranteed brides” or “100% success rate.”

  • Verify Profiles

Be skeptical of profiles that seem too good to be true. Scammers often use attractive photos and fake information.

Look for inconsistencies in the profile information, such as conflicting details about age, location, or personal history.

  • Avoid Sending Money

Never send money to someone you’ve only met online, especially if they ask for it to cover travel expenses, visa fees, or other reasons.

Be cautious if the person you’re communicating with repeatedly asks for financial assistance or loans.

  • Video Calls and Real-Time Communication

Arrange video calls with the person you’re interested in to verify their identity and confirm that they are who they claim to be.

Be wary of individuals who consistently make excuses for not being able to video chat or meet in person.

  • Protect Your Personal Information

Don’t share sensitive personal information like your full address, financial details, or identification documents with someone you’ve met online.

Use a separate email address and phone number for online dating to protect your privacy.

  • Trust Your Instincts

If something feels off or suspicious about a person or situation, trust your instincts and proceed with caution or consider ending the communication.

  • Beware of Red Flags

Be cautious if the person rushes into a relationship, professes love too quickly, or pushes for marriage without getting to know you better.

Watch out for inconsistent or implausible stories and excuses.

  • Report Suspicious Activity

If you suspect you are dealing with a scammer, report them to the dating website or agency and, if necessary, to your local law enforcement agency.

  • Educate Yourself

Stay informed about common online dating scams and how to recognize them. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to protect yourself.

Remember that scams can happen with people from any part of the world, not just Asian mail order brides. It’s crucial to be cautious and use your best judgment when engaging in online dating or marriage-seeking activities to avoid falling victim to scams.


In conclusion, Asian mail order brides offer a unique opportunity to explore love from a whole new perspective. However, as with any aspect of life, there are risks that you need to be aware of and precautions that you need to take. Before you pursue an Asian mail order bride, it is essential to do extensive research and to find a reputable dating agency. With time, effort, and understanding, you might just find the love of your life with an Asian mail order bride.


How to Find Asian Girl?

Even the longest journey begins with the first step. We will give you detailed instructions on how to find a charming Asian bride.

  1. Go online and analyze the available dating sites.
  2. Choose the best matrimonial service that offers the best conditions to get Asian mail order brides.
  3. Complete the registration procedure and fill out your profile. Add information and photos here.
  4. Set up search filters and use the program.
  5. Look at the matches and choose the most charming Asian bride;
  6. Replenish your deposit and start chatting with the beauty;
  7. Ask her out on a date when she is ready and find out if she wants to be your bride.

How to Attract an Asian Woman?

We’ll give you some tips on how to make your first date with Asian brides perfect.

  1. Book a table at your girlfriend's favorite restaurant. After all, you have been communicating with your girlfriend for a long time and you know about her preferences, right? However, a quality cafe with a pleasant atmosphere, quiet music, and a delicious menu will be a versatile choice.
  2. Put on stylish casual clothes. Rest assured, Asian women will take a long time to look great. And you must be an adorable couple. So, choose a great look.
  3. Take a small gift. Of course, you are not going to buy Asian brides, so expensive gifts are unnecessary. Flowers, perfume, or jewelry will be the best choice;
  4. Be a gentleman. Common interests are the foundation of an ideal relationship. Ask Asian girls about their values ​​and orientations. This will help you understand what your relationship might be like. An honest and cheerful man will leave only a pleasant impression;
  5. Sense of humor. Remember, Asian brides, adore men with a good sense of humor. If you made this girl smile, then she is interested in you. But remember that rudeness or vulgarity is unacceptable. Good jokes and gentlemanly behavior are the keys to the hearts of Asian women.
  6. Pay the check, take the lady to the hotel and arrange the next date. Do not invite her to your home - you are not looking for Asian women for sale, are you? Moreover, the charming bride will like the mystery, and she will want to see you again.

Can I Marry an Asian Girl?

Of course, yes, because it will bring you positive emotions and can open the way to happiness. True, you will have to use a credit card along the way. No, not to buy an Asian wife, but to pay for some stages. For example, a monthly subscription to the matrimonial service costs $30-50, arranging a date (visa, tickets, hotel room, etc.) costs about $2000. Also, don’t forget to get married to an Asian bride (about $5,000). But the main thing is that happiness is priceless, and emotions are more valuable than any money.