How Do Mail Order Brides Work: Unveiling the Truth

A mail-order bride is a description that is usually applied to a single immigrant lady as she announces her intention to marry a foreigner (from more financially developed) land.

Foreign guys often ask: “How do mail order brides work?” Historically, mail-order brides were precisely those ladies who indicated themselves in catalogs and were chosen by men to marry. Sometimes people of both genders were involved in the current marriage industry. Girls from some European lands migrated to the USA in the 18th and 19th centuries. Sometimes they could even be citizens of the same land.

Who Are Mail-Order Brides?

What’s a mail order bride? Such a notion refers to ladies wishing to mate foreigners. Such ladies customarily contact matrimonial services or register themselves on the marriage websites. Still, how to order a wife? You need to pick the appropriate agency and apply.

Any mail order bride openly declares that she is “ripe” for matrimony. She confidently states to be a “female material”. Thus, she creates attractive profiles on specific marriage portals with expressive pics and detailed descriptions. Also, she communicates with foreigners, thereby developing speaking skills.

Mail order brides rarely marry fellow citizens. Indeed, this is their bitter experience. Instead, they prefer foreign men. Most often, they choose Americans, British, Australians, Germans, and single European candidates. Some good reasons why foreign brides choose grooms overseas:

  • Mail order brides often cannot find a soul mate in their native country;
  • Seeking adventures;
  • Desire to move to another country and settle down there;
  • They prefer self-sufficient spouses;
  • They see foreigners as successful men who respect women’s rights;
  • They simply do not want to stay in their country;
  • They don’t like men in their homeland;
  • They want beautiful mixed children;
  • They are open to finding love anywhere.

Strictly speaking, this testifies to the effectiveness of the mail order bride services. Mail brides are primarily single ladies with clear intentions. They don’t want empty meetings or short-term romances. They don’t want a typical marriage. They are seeking a husband overseas, being ready for long-term commitments. Among them are women of different ages with different experiences in relationships. They even dream to have children.

How Do Mail Order Brides Work

Historical Facts

Here the question comes to mind: “Do mail order marriages work?” It may seem to you that the mail-order bride industry is not that long ago. It dates back to the 17th and 19th centuries. Mail order brides did not arise with the advent of the Internet. In the 1800s, men traveled to the western United States to earn money and work there. However, they lacked women.

In turn, males had to write letters at an East Coast church asking for brides. They also published messages in newspapers. Women, in turn, began to do the same and send their photos to men. Since all their communication was by letters. Thereafter, such single ladies have been called “mail order brides.”

Since the 20th century, more and more women have searched for their mates through newspapers. With the advent of the Internet, life has radically changed. The new technologies opened new dating opportunities. Since then, men did not have to send mail to women. They simply find them on the Internet. Now, this is an easier way where to buy a wife.

Pros & Cons of Foreign Mail Brides



In most cases, mail-order brides are loyal. Moreover, they are family-oriented. In their cultural upbringing, much attention is paid to family and children. A European mail-order bride is more likely to seek to start a family at a younger age than a woman born in the United States, for example. Likewise, she will be more inclined to create a large and close-knit family.


Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam are the countries of origin for the great number of mail order brides. The cultural and social norms of each of these countries place great importance on loyalty. This means that women from these countries are more prone to loyalty due to their upbringing. Especially in the case of Russian brides, there is a shortage of men in their home country.

It is estimated that for every ten women seeking a husband in Russia, there are only eight eligible bachelors. Growing up with such inequality in the number of available men, Russian women are more likely to value and respect the men they marry. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of infidelity.


Some men ask, “What’s the difference between a mail-order marriage agency and an international dating site?” The main difference is that both sides of the equation (the prospective bride and groom). They sign up on the verified agency’s services taking the wedding seriously. None of the members are going to just travel or throw a casual one-night stand. Both men and women do not want to play games. The same cannot be said about even the most serious dating sites. Thus, the mail order bride success rate is gaining momentum as every year, the statistics is increasing.


Long Distance

There is no denying the fact that the mail-order bride involves establishing an initial relationship thousands of miles away. Mail order agencies most often use two methods to establish communication between the bride and groom-to-be: first, correspondence and digital communication. Secondly, for the men to travel to their chosen country and meet future brides on social networks created by the agency.

In either case, there are inherent problems associated with long distances. Meeting and trying to determine a woman’s true identity and attributes entirely online or by mail is difficult. The distance associated with a face-to-face meeting simply distorts the courtship process. Your personal time can be quite limited. You may even be able to have just one such meeting before actually getting married!

Cultural Disagreement

When two people come together from two different cultures (even when it comes to love), it will lead to some degree of cultural clash. Usually, the most controversial issues are resolved when the bride assimilates into American culture and the husband discovers the nuances of her culture. However, for some couples, this can create stressful, embarrassing, or conflicting moments at the beginning of their marriage.


The costs associated with a mail-order bride delivery agency that works well and has a good reputation are not cheap. They usually range from $5,000 to $25,000. Love doesn’t have a price tag. But you must prepare yourself for the costs involved. You can budget accordingly. Do not start your family life with financial problems.

When planning your budget for finding a bride abroad, be sure to consider all the associated costs but not just agency fees. You should consider travel expenses, legal fees, the cost of English lessons in the United States, and the cost of the wedding itself.

How Do Matrimonial Services Work?

If you want to know how mail order brides work, it is the right time to find out. Women who wish to become mail-order brides seek help from international marriage agencies or marriage websites. There they go through interviews, leave personal information, conduct photo sessions and receive assistance in creating and maintaining their profiles on particular websites. However, some women register on the following sites on their own.

Then they start looking for and interacting with single men coming from different countries. Once they find someone they like, they first arrange an online date (for example, via a video call) and then an offline date. Single men also register themselves on the official websites. There they have access to thousands of beautiful girls.

Laws Affection

The Federal Government of America announced some fundamental regulations that, in turn, have to do with the developed marriage industry. Thus, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) includes the following requirements for mail-order brides coming to the USA.

The International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA) lays down stringent but fair edicts for foreign grooms who want to marry fiancées from foreign lands. Thus, singles use the services from any foreign matrimony agent.

Following the provided laws, males involved in partnering ladies coming from foreign countries. Both of them contact comprehensive marriage agencies. Grooms have to present his marriage broker and prospective spouse some personal information regarding personal finances and loans, possible arrests, previous marriages, children, etc., to verify their identity.

Certain laws are created to help brides who may experience some disturbance. Yet disputants state these laws to be rather strict. Disputants highlight that the current data should not be free to females who wish to marry a man from America. Still, supporters remark that the following laws preserve the security and virtues of foreign women. Their position is often distinguished from that of the USA lady. Note that ladies in the United States can use the services that a foreign lady cannot do.

The obtaining citizenship process is different from another person if marriage to a US resident has positive aspects. To avoid misunderstandings about marriage law, the common method to accomplish this is to study the legitimacy of before-mentioned matrimonies.

When recognizing the current strategy for immigration and citizenship as a fiancé, be ready to discuss the issue with an immigration solicitor before your future spouse arrives in the USA. A professional attorney is required to guide you on legal issues to obtain citizenship for your future wife.

How to Find a Mail Order Bride

How to Find a Mail Order Bride?

As marriage portals keep developing, the matchmaking method can not disappear quite fast. How to buy a mail order bride? You can find amazing brides on proven and legal marriage portals. You can choose a platform that suits you to make useful contacts. For both women and men, recognizing the current strategy of dating, it is a safer and more affordable option.

Remember that the most reliable protection is your common sense. First, study all the information about your possible mate before marriage. Be sure that this is the right person to support the immigration process. Also, study the marriage broker who establishes your expected relationship. Be certain the broker is approved and legal.

Possibly, you might want to plan another special meeting with your spouse before arranging a marriage. Finally, consult your immigration and family lawyer to guarantee that you are protected. In the end, all the immigration and marriage prospects should work efficiently.

Best Country To Find a Mail Order Bride

Eastern Europe

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus

Latin America

  • Colombia
  • Brazil


  • Nigeria
  • Ethiopia


  • the Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • India

Finding happiness is easy! The main thing is to try hard and choose a decent marriage broker.