Long-Distance Love – AmourFactory Review

AmourFactory Review

  • Detailed user profiles
  • Video shows from ladies
  • Basic services are available right after registration
  • Verified profiles
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable price

Plenty of dating sites offer to find love and happiness, one of them is AmourFactory. It has mixed reviews, and users are curious about the truth about Amour Factory dating platform. Check out the following review to learn the answer to this question – is AmourFactory a good dating site?

1777 people visited this site today
  • 9.9

Editor’s Summary

If you take a look at the main page of the AmourFactory website, it claims to be an international network. The reviews are clear about this fact, too – the site is used by singles who want to find love abroad. The site belongs to a reputable company with a long history in the online dating industry. The site has a pleasant home page, and it’s easy to create an account. The navigation is simple, and the search is advanced. Keep reading the AmourFactory review to see other details.

Pros / Cons

Active usersThe AmourFactory mobile app is like democracy in North Korea – it doesn’t exist
Members with verified badgesExpensive to use
Easy to navigate
Simple registration process
Informative Q&A section
Easy access to the customer support team
Videos, photos are available
AmourFactory main page

Our Rating

  • Signing Up: 4.5/5
  • Making Contact: 3.9/5.0
  • Profile Quality: 4.0/5.0
  • App: 0/5.0
  • Real Life Review: 2.5/5.0

Reputation And History

So, what is AmourFactory.com? It is a romantic dating website dedicated to people seeking long-lasting romantic relationships. The website is not relatively new, although the company owning it has a long history. The company is reliable and has all the certificates to offer dating online services to members of the community.

The Amour Factory dating site has been around for many years and is a proven and reliable source for finding Ukrainian brides, that will definitely appeal to American men. AmourFactory offers a vast array of features to help singles find love including compatibility-based matching, live chat, photos, videos, mail, and other interactions.

The Amour Factory dating site also boasts a safe and secure environment with encryption technology, verification badges, and an in-depth FAQ section. What’s more, the dating site has an impressive success rate with many singles finding the love of their life.

Website And App Interface

The landing page of the website is stylish and pleasant to the eye. The first impression is positive, and people in reviews mentioned they like it. But when you create an account, the style of the platform slightly changes. It seems the website’s interface is a bit outdated, but it still grants a positive experience to the members of the community. One thing reviews mention is the absence of an app which is surprising.

975 people visited this site today
  • 9.9

Registration Process

Most people’s AmourFactory reviews ask to make the registration even quicker by adding the ability to sign up with the help of social media accounts. Still, creating an account is a pretty easy process. When you open the main Amour Factory page, in the upper left corner, you see an application form. It consists of the following questions:

  • What is your gender?
  • What is your name?
  • What is your birth date?
  • What is your email address?

Then it asks you to come up with a decent password and to agree to Terms of Use, Policies, etc. Push the register button and get redirected to another page. The design changes as well as the questions. You may find a “Skip” button to skip the process of adding photos and personal details later.

If you skip the process, you can check out the profiles available on the site. With the aid of AmourFactory free search, you can test the search, see whether you like the profiles, etc. But remember, it’s important to complete the questionnaire since it has personal questions. The data gathered about you is used to match you with compatible women on the AmourFactory website. The reviews admit – the registration and search are free options, everything else is paid.

AmourFactory why choose

How Does AmourFactory Work?

The basic principle of the AmourFactory platform is that you create a detailed account, and it gets matched with thousands of compatible profiles. The system is compatibility-based – if you seek a woman age 25-30, then it shows women of this age. It’s the simplest example of a compatibility system.

To grant the best experience, the algorithm tries to match the most compatible Amour Factory users by doing an advanced check. If a woman is 25-30 years, meets most of your requirements, and you meet her requirements, the search result will be on the top of the list for you to 100% see it.

Matchmaking is not the only thing due to AmourFactory dating reviews that work properly. The site has a live chat, which allows you to upload and watch videos, liking photos, sending photos, etc. Yes, these interactions are paid (details in the Membership price and payment method section), but plenty of options may be used to make the first contact with a woman you like.

People in reviews also answer the ‘Is AmourFactory a scam?’ question. Most reviews on the internet are mixed. Some say the site isn’t working properly, and others tell their love and success stories. It’s best to create an account on AmourFactory online dating website to check it on your own rather than proceed reading reviews.

The registration process is free for everyone – males and females. You don’t have to buy a subscription to check out the site – AmourFactory dating site reviews claim to search and watching profiles are both free options too.

The Top Communication Features of AmourFactory

  1. Instant Messaging – One of the most popular communication features of AmourFactory is instant messaging. Users can easily connect with each other and begin chatting in real-time. This feature eliminates the waiting period for a response, making communication seamless and effective.
  2. Video Chat – Video chat has become increasingly popular among users looking for a more personal touch. AmourFactory’s feature allows users to interact with their potential match visually. It’s perfect for those interested in virtual dating or those living far apart.
  3. Voice Messages – With the voice message feature, users can record their voice and send it to their match. This feature is especially useful for those who don’t want to spend time typing out long messages but still want to communicate effectively.
  4. Gifts and Flowers – AmourFactory goes beyond traditional messaging features and offers the option to send virtual gifts and flowers to your match. This feature adds a personal touch while making the experience more memorable.
  5. Translation Services – Communication barriers can become an obstacle when trying to find true love. AmourFactory’s translation feature solves this problem. Users can easily communicate and overcome language barriers while exploring different cultures.

Are The Accounts Real Here?

Apart from leaving questions like ‘Is AmourFactory real?’, potential users also might want to know whether the accounts are real. The site and profiles are real. The website belongs to a reputable company with experience in the online dating industry. As for the profiles, reviews cover this area too.

The reviews mention there is a nice option – a verification badge. The badge is given to people who have verified their identities. As a result, other members know they are talking to the cute and charming woman rather than to a guy. Moreover, you can send videos to each other and eventually exchange contacts to start communicating via other social media means.

Partner Search

The following AmourFactory review of the website reveals a pretty useful search. The reviews mention it’s a free option, so you can test it out before paying. The platform has an advanced search to make sure everyone finds interesting partners to start conversations.

AmourFactory search

Try to Calculate the Cost of Women from AmourFactory

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Membership Price And Payment Method

In the following section of an AmourFactory dating site review, you may see the prices of buying credits. The best deal is to buy bigger bulks of credits. 20 credits cost almost 10 dollars, while the biggest bulk of credits – 750, costs 150 dollars. Check out the costs of services to see whether you want to use AmourFactory.

Live Chat

  • Sending messages in live chat per minute – 2c (credits).
  • Sharing photos in live chat – 10c (not including the 2c fee per minute).
  • Sharing stickers – 5c (not including the 2c fee per minute).
  • Sending a video – 50c (not including the 2c fee per minute). You get charged immediately after clicking on the video.

Photos And Videos

  • Opening photo received in a mail – 10c per picture.
  • Clicking on and opening a video sent via mail – 50c per video.
  • Watching a profile video – 25c.
  • Uploading own profile video – 100c, up to 100 MB.


  • Opening an email – free first time, 10c for consecutive emails.
  • Sending mail – 10c first time, 30c – all other times.

Other Interactions

  • Leaving a comment under a photo – 2c.
  • Digital gifts – each has a separate price.
  • Sending real gifts – each has a price, the delivery fee is 100c.
  • Organizing a meeting – 635c.
  • Arranging contacts exchange – technically free, but only after you spend 3k credits on one person, you want to find.

But here’s a question – is Amour Factory worth paying for? The reviews are mixed, some say ‘yes’, others point out there are other affordable websites to use. Amour Factory is efficient, though, and there is a high chance to meet real love on the site without being bothered by fake profiles. People with fake accounts simply can’t contact you if they don’t pay.

AmourFactory members

Safety & Security

The platform is protected by antivirus software companies. Payments are secured thanks to MasterCard. The site has a protected connection to the internet (HTTPS protocol), it is certified and is allowed to offer romantic online dating services to clients.

AmourFactory Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Charles and Sophia AmourFactory logo
Charles and Sophia's love story blossomed on AmourFactory, a serendipitous encounter that led to a life-changing connection. They both joined the dating site, initially seeking companionship in a digital age. Little did they know, they would find the missing piece to their life's puzzle in each other. Their connection was instant, fueled by shared interests, dreams, and values. Through countless messages and video calls, their bond grew stronger by the day. Finally, the day came when they met in person, and it was like destiny had brought them together. Love flourished, and today, Charles and Sophia are inseparable, celebrating their successful journey on AmourFactory as they build a future filled with happiness and endless love.
Success Story #2 Image
Andrew and Daria AmourFactory logo
Andrew and Daria's love story is a testament to the transformative power of online dating. They connected through AmourFactory, a platform that brought them together despite the distance that once separated them. Andrew, a computer engineer from the USA, and Daria, an artist from Ukraine, discovered a shared passion for art and adventure. Their initial messages evolved into long conversations, forging a deep emotional connection. Eventually, Andrew traveled to Ukraine to meet Daria in person, and it was an instant connection. Love blossomed, and they decided to make their long-distance relationship work. Today, they're happily married, their unique love story a testament to the magic of AmourFactory.

Latest User Reviews


“After a challenging day, there’s nothing better than returning home and engaging in delightful conversations on AmourFactory. This platform has connected me with fascinating individuals who have become great friends. The service is incredibly user-friendly, and even the free account is devoid of intrusive advertisements.”


“Amour Factory connects individuals seeking meaningful, engaging, and vibrant connections. It rescues me from spending evenings immersed in games and growing disdainful towards others. Grateful to have found this remarkable platform, my haven.”


“The lack of communication can have a profound impact on one’s mental state, particularly for those prone to hypochondria. Without engaging interactions and stimulation, the days can feel stagnant, and boredom can slowly consume one’s spirit. Thankfully, I stumbled upon AmourFactory, an online platform that has become my haven for fun and connection without needing to step foot outside. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, I have discovered a whole new world of virtual communication. Through this platform, I have not only met fascinating individuals but have also cultivated meaningful relationships, exchanging thoughts and ideas with them on a regular basis. It’s truly remarkable how this digital space has brought together like-minded people and enriched my life with endless possibilities for connection and personal growth.”

Help & Customer Support

A pretty detailed FAQ section is extremely helpful, especially if a user isn’t used to this type of website. The reviews mention it answers all the frequently asked questions, and it is easy to start using the website after checking all the sections.

First, there are 3 main categories on top:

  • Guide.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Safety.

The ‘Guide’ section helps, there is also the search option where you can type a request to quickly find an answer. If you scroll a bit down, you see the Q&A section with multiple questions.

In the ‘Safety’ section, you will find several important aspects, for example, how to report a suspicious user. There is also a privacy terms section. If something is not working, there is a corresponding section.

If the FAQ section isn’t helpful or you can’t find your case, scroll any page of AmourFactory down and find the ‘Contact us’ section. Type in your email address (optionally user’s ID), the question, and add up to five attachments if you have any. Then send a message, and when the customer support team member is free, you will get contacted via email.

975 people visited this site today
  • 9.9

AmourFactory Alternatives

The current review on AmourFactory dating site has noticed one interesting fact – the platform uses a credit system as a payment method. Several alternative dating sites have a similar approach, and here are these sites:

  • RomanceTale.
  • AsiaDate.
  • LatinFeels.
  • EasternHoneys.

The mentioned networks offer to meet love in other countries too. But is AmourFactory any good? Or should you use one of the mentioned dating sites? It depends on who you want to meet – each website covers a region, country, or even a continent. So all options are useful considering the reviews.

What risks are associated with using AmourFactory?


One of the most significant risks of using AmourFactory is scammers. Scammers create fake accounts to exploit users, and they are often skilled in convincing people to share their personal and financial information. Therefore it’s vital to be wary of the profiles you come across on AmourFactory and be mindful of anyone asking for your private information. You can also lookout for tell-tale signs of fake profiles, such as incomplete profiles or profiles with just a single picture.

Cyber fraud

Another major threat when using AmourFactory is the likelihood of becoming a victim of cyber fraud. Cyber fraudsters use different tactics such as phishing, social engineering, hacking, or malware to gain unauthorized access to user’s private data or financial information. It’s important to have anti-virus software on your device, and utilize a strong password or two-factor authentication when using the App.


With AmourFactory site, users may encounter inappropriate or aggressive behavior that constitutes cyber-bullying or harassment. Unfortunately, some people end up getting abusive towards others on online dating platforms. Therefore, it’s important to exercise discretion in dealing with such individuals and to disassociate yourself from those who exhibit signs of online bullying or harassment.


While AmourFactory says it takes privacy seriously, the reality is that user data is never 100% secure on any online dating App. Hackers may gain access to a user’s information, and the user may end up being vulnerable to identity theft or other attempts to defraud them. Users can protect their information by using fake names, limiting the amount of personal data they reveal, and ensuring they comply with the platform’s privacy policy.


AmourFactory site usage often leads to a compulsive online engagement, which can become addictive. Individuals may find themselves always online, spending long hours scrolling through profiles even when there is nothing left to see. This addiction can lead to neglect of other essential responsibilities, such as work and family. It is crucial to find a healthy balance between online dating and other aspects of life.


In conclusion, it’s safe to say that AmourFactory is a decent dating site, worth considering if you’re looking for love. Its strict verification process ensures that all members are genuine, which is a significant plus. However, it’s not entirely free, and you may have to pay for some features to get the most out of the site. Overall, if you’re looking for a fun, safe, and reliable dating site that caters mainly to those looking for long-term relationships, AmourFactory site is certainly worth checking out.


Is AmourFactory Safe?

Yes, the platform is protected by several antivirus software companies, and the payments are secured by MasterCard. It has a safe HTTPS protocol, so the connection to the web is protected, and the personal info of users can’t be stolen. The AmourFactory.com review notes an important fact - the interactions outside of the platform aren’t protected by the site, so be careful when choosing a partner.

Is Amourfactory Legit Dating Site?

Some people ask an ‘Is AmourFactory legitimate dating site?’ question, and others are wondering whether the website is even worth paying considering the prices. It depends, but the site is effective.

Is Amourfactory Free?

No, AmourFactory is a paid website. Considering reviews, it is a pretty expensive romantic dating network.